Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Christmas Gift Idea--Candle Wrap

It's beginning to look a lot like...Christmas! I know Halloween just happened, but this is what the stores would like you to believe, right? Well, they have a point. It wouldn't hurt to start thinking about it and get a few things tucked away, so you are not nutso in a month. I'll give you a couple of ideas to get you started. Here is a candle that Anastasia wrapped as her gift for her grandparents last year. She also made smaller versions for her teachers.

You can get the glass candles for very little money at a number of different stores (hint: shop the day after Christmas and stock up for gifts for next year!). Have your little one choose a piece of scrapbook paper. Measure and cut it to fit the candle. Ask your little one to color (making sure to include her name somewhere, if she is able) the white side of the paper. Use tacky glue to glue the ends of the paper to the candle. These candles were a little too large for the paper to wrap all the way around, which is why there is a strip of ribbon covering that blank spot. Let it dry.

You have a gift finished and ready to give. Good for you!

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