Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pillowcase Dress and Matching Capris

I made another pillowcase dress for Ana to wear to our school's May Day Festival (yes, I am really late in writing this post). It had been rather chilly, and the pillowcase was white, so I wanted to make something to wear underneath the dress. She had some jeans that still fit really well in the waist, but were making her sport that highwaters look that we weren't really going for... So, I cut a few inches off the bottom of the legs and added a ruffle, using the same fabric I used to make the bias tape for the pillowcase dress. This will save me the trouble of buying any capris for her this summer, as there are many more jeans that have holes in the knees and will receive this same treatment (stay tuned!). Here is the sweet little outfit she wore to the May Day Festival:

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