Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas Gift Idea--Fairy Babies

This is another one from last year. Anastasia made (with a bit of help from me) these Christmas Fairy Babies for her aunts and uncles last year.

You probably can't see that we included a gold string, so they could be used as ornaments if that was the wish of the recipient. J split walnut shells in half along the seam (please do not use a butter knife for this task... it just may slip, slice your finger rather painfully, and require the use of many bandaids as well as assuring your concerned child that you will eventually be okay). We sanded the edges of those that needed a little smoothing. We placed the gold string in the shell with a dab of tacky glue, then added some fluffed up (that's a technical term) wool yarn to be the baby's bed. As that is drying, you can make your baby.

Take a bit of pipe cleaner and wrap it all but a tiny bit with colored (or not) wool roving. This is one of the tasks that your young child can feel successful with completing. Glue a wooden bead on the unwrapped bit--this will be the baby's head. Glue a small acorn to the head to be the baby's hat (See! It's a good thing I told you about this now. You still have plenty of time to go out and collect acorn caps!). I clipped apart silk flowers to use as the baby's wings and we glued them on to the baby's back.

After everything is dry, snuggle the baby in her shell bed. We did not glue the babies in, in case the recipient wanted to take it out and hold it--they are so cute, it's hard not to hold them!

Enjoy this one. Another present done!

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