Saturday, July 2, 2011

Felted Playmat and Duck

My friend's son just turned two. Ana helped me to make his gift. We wet-felted in a large ziplock bag, like we did for her teacher's gift. But, this time, Ana created a farm scene. Her farm ended up having a pond, so we felt that a duck should be available to swim in it. I needle-felted a simple one, using white and orange roving. I also needle-felted some flowers (vegetables?) to be grown on the farm.

This is the gift we created:

**Fair warning: Dogs like wool. Well, they specifically like to destroy anything lovely you've made with it. So, be sure to keep any wool toys put away and out of your dog's reach! I had two students lose wool gifts to their dogs mouths this year. It's sad, so beware!

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  1. Love it, especially the duck. Thanks so much for linking up!