Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sew What?!! Holiday Edition--Trying to redeem myself with an oat bag.

Oat bag.... I get my oat bag now. Oat bag time for me!

If you have ever listened to a Seinfeld cd, perhaps this quote is a familiar one to you. If not, just laugh along with me for a moment. After all, laughing is good for your health. Speaking of health, J eats oatmeal for lunch EVERY DAY. I would go nuts, but this is his thing. It started when he got a report of high cholesterol and continued after he lowered it due, in part, to an oatmeal-for-lunch-every-day diet. So, the diet continues.

Though I am waaaay behind on this (I think it happened in October), I committed to participate in The Sewing Dork and Until Wednesday Calls' Sew What?!! Holiday Challenge. I hate to fail. I think most people probably do, too, but I have this perfectionist quality that makes me physically ill if I do not complete something to my expectations. Perhaps that is why I have a cold now that Christmas is over... At any rate, I committed to the challenge and I will complete it! So, going back to these ladies' blogs to see what the challenges were.... I found that week one's Sew What?!! theme was "a gift for him". I couldn't think of anything else to sew, so I made this bag for J to store his oatmeal packets at work. He will likely be the only one who ever sees it, but I think it will give him a chuckle. And, that's a nice thing in the middle of your work day.

I thought the little horsey applique on the back was a nice touch. ;-)
A Bonus Craft for the Challenge was a garland. Now, clearly I did not have time to do that this year. But, I did knit the garland for our tree a few years ago. It's really easy, folks--huge needles, fuzzy yarn, cast on a few stitches and keep going until you run out of yarn....

Hope you had a lovely holiday, too.

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