Saturday, December 18, 2010

Let's Get Ready for Christmas: A Wreath and A Giveaway Winner

My winter break officially began at 11:00 yesterday when the kids were dismissed (well, really at 1:00 when I was driving home). Now, I can focus on this business of Christmas!

First, the winner of the mama and baby duck giveaway is #26, sandyandcosmo... Congratulations!

Secondly, I wanted to share with you a wreath that I helped my mom make for a contest at work. We did not win, but I think it's pretty cute for having only taken 10 minutes to make and using only things that I had laying around in my craft room. Though, I do apologize for the crappy picture. I've been using my camera as a phone for months, so I have no flash. You can barely see the ice fairy swinging in the middle...

I still need to make a wreath for my own front door but, like I said, I now have time to focus on the business of Christmas. So, it will come soon!

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