Friday, October 8, 2010

Dying Polyester?

My dad and a bunch of his buddies are celebrating their 60th birthdays this year. So, we just had a big bash for them that had a 60's theme.

--Enter me, offering to help with something I wasn't really experienced in.--

I tie-dyed something once about 15 years ago. So, I figured it was safe to volunteer to tie-dye 50ish napkins for the party. I already had a bunch of polyester (blend?) napkins that had been discarded by a hotel and given to me by a former student's grandma who cleaned said hotel.

After attempting to dye the napkins twice, with two different brands of dye that was supposed to work on polyester, I thought perhaps the napkins had been treated with something to resist stains. I was ready to give up, when I discovered that iDye has a polyester formulation. The Sewing Dork had shown beautiful results with iDye, so I thought Okay, one more try...

Ta-da! It worked! I will forever be an iDye fan.

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