Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday--Memory Quilt

My sister's birthday was at the beginning of May. I had hoped to have her gift finished before then, but... Have I mentioned I am a master procrastinator?!! Anyhow, she was up visiting this weekend and I was determined to have it finished before she left. The presentation wasn't grand, but she likes it:

This is a quilt made from her high school event t-shirts, with a couple of pictures transfered on as well. But, wait! There's more!...

The back side is made from tshirts from her softball days, elementary school, junior high, and college. Whew. Bit off a little more than I could comfortably chew in a timely manner. But, it got done and I learned a few things.
One, quilting is hard.
Two, blanket edging is a pain in the arse to sew.
Three, I am totally going to make one for my daughter. She does not have a bedspread and I think a patchwork quilt would be awesomly cute. I may try to fit a couple of her baby outfits/blankets onto the quilt. You know, for the memories (okay, that would be more for me than for her). I think I'll just start gathering scraps that she likes, since there is no timeline on this one--except for maybe finishing it before the weather gets cold again.

One more thing I want to point out. In the second pic, see the green square near the bottom?... It is a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that says, "It is more intelligent to hope rather than to fear, to try rather than not to try... Nothing has ever been achieved by the person who says it can't be done."
Which reminds me of one of my Swedish great grandmother's sayings, when translated into English, "Can't never did anything." True.... True....

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  1. Oh WOW!! That's a wonderful quilt! I bet it is just so snuggly and soft, too, since it's made out of tees. What a generous gift to make for your sister.

    And, I love love loved the geek squad outfits. What fun! I think I will totally plagarize that party idea for Teen Son#1's birthday this summer. He and his goofy friends would have a blast.

    LOL...my Mom always said the same thing "Can't never did".

  2. Will's grandma always said, "Can't never tried."

    I wish I could find someone local doing a Nerdy party. I have rubik's cubes comign otu of my ears....and nerd candles, and NERDS candy for that matter!

    I more than "like" my new blanket. And, it has inspired me to make myself my Grandpa T blanket.