Monday, May 31, 2010

Here comes the Geek Squad!

I thrifted these shirts just in time for my brother-in-law's "Nerdy Thirty" birthday party, nerdy clothing optional. Optional?!... Coming out of my sister's mouth, and seeing as how she and I are quite competitive in a sisterly sort of way, I took that as a challenge.

J wore his shirt "as is". Easy.

I took mine in quite a bit from the men's XXL where it started.

Little Miss got another Men's Shirt Dress (jumper) out of the deal, so she could sport a nifty pocket protector, which provided hours (okay minutes) of entertainment. I have no idea why she's trying to look so tough in this picture. Actually, I think she's just annoyed that we've asked her to stand still for a minute. The party venue was way too much fun.

My sister went to a lot of trouble to geek-out the party. Check it out on her blog. Good stuff!

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