Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time for some "new" crayons!

Almost one year ago, I started this blog. One of my first posts showcased my first attempt at recycling crayon nubs and turning them into new crayons. It sure was a fun experiment, and many children reaped the rewards. I wanted to try it again this year for Valentine's day gifts for my students, as well as for Anastasia to share with her classmates. The heart-shaped mold makes them perfect Valentine's Day gifts.

I find that it's easiest, when using the silicone mold, to push the crayons out while the mold is still just a touch warm. Getting the crayons out without breaking is the hardest part for me! At least one crayon in every batch cracks in half while I'm trying to get it to break free from the mold.

Because it's so frustrating to lose one of a small number of crayons after waiting 20 minutes for them to "cook", and then another 20 or so for them to cool..., I want to try a new "recipe" that I discovered in one of my Christmas gifts, Make it Fast, Cook it Slow. This requires a metal mold. So, when I find one at a thrift store or garage sale (keeping true to my commitment to not buy anything new!), I will update this post and let you know how it works out!

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