Sunday, February 7, 2010

Helmet Liner for Cousin Jeff

My cousin was deployed to Afghanistan the week after Thanksgiving. If Christmas hadn't been coming, I would've made and sent this right away... But, as I understand it, it is still very cold over there! So, I used the free pattern from Citizen Sam and the Cascade 220 wool yarn recommended by my friendly neighborhood yarn store to begin my knitting and mailing adventure for our armed forces.

I had planned to knit more of these, but I SUCK at ribbing and this took much longer to knit than I anticipated. It will surely be summer before I could get another finished. I am waiting to hear from Jeff about the comfort of this yarn and the color. I had planned on just using black, but husband J switched my yarn choice to a more "camo" varigation while I ran Anastasia to the bathroom. I appreciated his interest in the project and went with his choice. So, if I get the "okay" from Jeff, I plan to knit regular old hats for his chummies, as I imagine he is not the only one who is cold there, but more helmet liners are just not going to happen in the near future. Maybe for next winter...

Also hoping to get a photo from him that I can post here, because this one of me sitting on the couch just doesn't quite capture the meaning of all this. I have no idea how long it takes packages to arrive in Afghanistan from California (but, I will say thank goodness for USPS flat rate shipping boxes, which allowed me to pack a lot of beef jerkey in there, too!), so.... stay tuned!

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  1. Looks great, regardless. I'm sure he'll appreciate it.