Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lemon Oil

I had a great experience with lemon oil today.

A couple nights ago, Anastasia decided that it would be nice to color on her baby doll's face with a red crayon. A couple months ago, she thought a red crayon mark would be a nice gift to leave on mama and daddy's bathroom floor. So...

Today, it occurred to me that essential oils are able to dissolve petrochemicals (I don't know how, but there is a fun experiment you can try with a Styrofoam cup and a drop of essential oil) and lemon is used as a cleaning agent in a lot of home recipes. I put a single drop of my lemon essential oil on a cloth rag and starting rubbing baby doll's face... The crayon came off instantly. Cool! I remembered the crayon on the linoleum and marched in there with the same drop of oil on the same rag and rubbed it off instantly as well. I then started looking for crayon and pen marks elsewhere in the house and used my same rag to eliminate them as well. Cleaning without effort.... that's what I'm good at!

Later in the afternoon, I used lemon oil to dress a wound on my finger (ironically, I sliced my finger on a thorn of our lemon tree). You would think that lemon oil would be the last thing that you would want to put on an open wound, but it is actually cold-pressed from the rind and is pH neutral. My finger feels wonderful, and smells yummy, too.

There are a ton of other uses for lemon oil--like putting a couple drops into a pitcher of water for a refreshing, good-for-you drink--but, these are the ways I used it today. It really is an "everyday oil"--a good one to have on hand for every day use.

For more information on, or to get your own bottle of, lemon oil you can search my web site.

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