Monday, March 2, 2009

Anastasia's Art Table

This was a Christmas gift from Jason and me. I must confess that Jason did most of the hard work. The idea for the crayon holder was mine, but he spiffed it up into a multi-level holder that I had not envisioned. He also devised a way to have plastic tubs slide out from under the table, so that paper and paints have a place to live out of view. Nice.

I got the inspiration for this gift from shiso mama--another mother who crafts to keep her sanity. You should check out her blog to see her version of the art table. Our table parts also came from Ikea, but we chose a smaller red table top to match the living room. I liked the idea of curved edges, as Anastasia tends to run without looking. This makes the paper rolling a bit more difficult, but she doesn't mind asking us for help with that.

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  1. hey, that looks great! i love the multi-layer crayon holder and the slide out storage. thanks so much for showing this to me. it makes me so happy to see that i inspired someone to make something!! looks like she's putting it to good use.

  2. love it! how did Jason rig the drawer?

  3. mandeep: I'm not sure if I ever replied to you directly on this... sorry! He used scrap pieces of wood (1 x 2s, I think) and made Ts. He then screwed the Ts upside down to the underpart of the table top, spacing them so that the drawers will fit perfectly in between for sliding out. Hope I explained that adequately.... If not, let me know and I'll take a picture.

  4. What a fantastic idea! I lobe the paper roll storage underneath the table. The crayon holder is super cute too! Thanks for sharing - wonderful job on both! Hope you are enjoying your week. ~ Stephanie Lynn