Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Which way does the ceiling fan turn?

It is hot today. 97 degrees right now. It is a dry heat, so it could be worse. Still, just a week ago it was 30 degrees cooler and raining! We jumped right to hot. I'm not ready to turn on the a/c and I am wishing to turn the ceiling fans on as the little one and I move from room-to-room, trying to get some house work done around here.

Am I the only person who's memory is so bad that not only can I not remember which direction the ceiling fan blades are supposed to be turning, but I also cannot remember if I have already changed them for the season or not?  (Tessa, you may not comment in reply to that question.) I'm recording it here for my future reference, and yours, too, if your memory is at all like mine.

Wikipedia says that in the summer, the fan blades should be turning with the higher part of the fan blades leading (usually, this is counter-clockwise). In the winter, the lower part of the fan blades should be leading, which is generally clockwise.

There. You've been schooled in ceiling fan rotation, and so have I. Hope that helps someone else, too!

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