Saturday, June 11, 2011

Golf Cupcakes and Hairdo

J's boss just retired, which means more golf for boss and more work for my hubbie! The retirement party had a golf theme and J was asked to bring two dozen cupcakes with either green or white frosting.... I couldn't let it be as easy as that. Instantly, ideas came to my mind of how to make the cupcakes fit more with the theme. I did allow myself the liberty of using boxed mixes, which saved a little time on a weeknight. Here is what we delivered:

I thought coconut in the frosting would make it look more "grassy", but it didn't. Extra-tasty though. Flags were made by gluing diamond-shaped paper around toothpicks. Little balls of sugar (found in the cake decorating aisle at JoAnn) for golf balls... voila!

So, when I was dropping A off at my parents' before the party, my dad suggested this:

Yep. Pulled my hair up with bobby pins and stuck long golf tees in.... My dad's idea... I suppose that is where the creativity gene came from.


  1. Coconut makes anything taste better!

    The hair-do? Genius. Great idea, Dad!

  2. Your hair reminds me of highschool. I was the captain of the golf team and used to keep tees in my hair during matches. Thanks for the flashback! Thanks too for linking up last week. Can't wait to see what you have for thursday's party!

  3. I think this hair is perfect for the occasion! And your gold cupcakes are wonderful, right down to the argyle flags!