Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sew What?!! Holiday Edition--Week Two: A Holiday Outfit

You're thinking: Wait, did I miss the Week One post?... And, I'm answering: No. No, you did not. I haven't posted it yet. I know what I'm going to make.... but, I haven't done it. Yet. So, stay tuned for that (but, please don't hold your breath; it may be a while).

In the meantime, I did complete Week Two's challenge.... Sort of. Well, you see it is not a "holiday outfit", but just a part of an outfit. An accessory, really. I have always wanted to use some of my thrifted, felted sweaters (I have entirely too many) to make wrist-warmers...

Ta da! This was very simple. Just a few cuts and some blanket stitching, and my hands are as cozy as can be. Now, I would like a pair in every color of the rainbow. It won't take too long, and I bet I've already got the felted sweaters in my stash somewhere. I'd better go check...

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  1. I love these! Someday I'll make a pair too...someday! I showed these on the blog today. Don't forget to upload the pics to the flickr group too!