Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Fun

I once again used the bean bag board that was painted for two different birthdays: strawberry brownie and gingerbread. This time, it is being used at my uncle's 60th party, which we are celebrating today on this Halloween weekend. So, I went with a skull theme...

The holes for the beanbags are in the eyes and nose. I made lavender and flax filled bean bags with a skull fabric scrap I had on hand. I used this fabric on one side and different colored fabrics for the second side of the bag, so each child at the party can know which bean bag is theirs when it is time to take one home.

I hope I don't have to explain that the skull is in reference to Halloween and not the fact that he's turning 60... I'm not that dark, and he's not that old!


  1. Hey Mama Tave - you have probably forgotten me but I owe you a crown and I just finished stitching it! Would love to know ifyou still want words on it or want it plain. Can you e-mail me at
    umatji at
    and I will get it is the post pronto!

  2. ps blogged about my guilt over all this delayed crown business and am doing a guilt washing second giveaway! So sorry I was so long it doing it - mad world!