Monday, October 4, 2010

Pamela's Brownies

As a Mom Ambassador, I am given the opportunity to sample various products with the moms and kiddos who attend my "green mom" group meetings. At my last meeting, we sampled the individual serving packs of Pamela's Products Brownies. They are gluten and dairy-free and so I really wasn't sure what they were going to taste like... Oh. My. Gosh. They are sooooo good! It was like chocolate mouse (my favorite dessert) in cake form, and so rich that it really seemed like two servings (I don't think anyone in the group was able to finish their whole serving--not even the kids!). The brownies are sweetened with honey and molasses, which was refreshing for a brownie mix. Overall, my group and I were very pleased with this product. I would recommend you try it. We topped ours with warmed blackberries and whipped cream (slightly sweetened with honey and a drop of vanilla). If single-serve packets are not yet available to you, get a big packet and make a batch to take to a party--your hosts will love you for it!

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