Sunday, October 3, 2010


In light of yesterday's post (I still would like your opinions, by the way!), I decided to join Blogtoberfest. This means I will be blogging every day this month. What?! You were just saying you didn't have time to blog and now you're saying you're going to do it every day?!! Yeah.... I'm funny like that. I think it is safe to guarantee that many (most) posts will be short and not involve a craft I made that day but, rather, a daily anecdote, photo, or something like that. Perhaps a giveaway or two (BusyBeeFree has an awesome one right now for Blogtoberfest AND there is a post over at CurlyPops devoted to all of the Blogtoberfest giveaways), we'll see. I missed day one, but I blogged yesterday and it seems to be okay to join-in whenever, so... would you like to join in? Maybe it will motivate both of us. Click the button:

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