Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Still getting the crap out, and trying out a new routine.

I am (at a snail's pace) continuing on my quest to rid my home of excess clutter after starting with the craft room. Today, V and Co. (my organizing hero) announced a little giveaway for $100 gift card... yeah, you should go check it out. You don't have to do anything special, just leave a comment. PLUS, you get to read about her brilliant keep-the-house-clean routine. Anyone who knows me in real life (e.g. married me and now has to live with this fact daily) knows that I hate cleaning. I'm not very good at it. Well, I just don't do it too often. Not a very good habit to instill in my child, so I shall turn a new page. Starting tomorrow, and totally plagerizing V and Co.'s routine, I will begin with "Organizing Thursday". View her post to see what each day of the week is geared toward and how she gets her kiddos to help (with or without complaining).

No link-ups, but a lot of great leads to other blogs in my last post. Keep 'em coming, and I will share my final decision(s) in another post or two. Thank you for your help.

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