Friday, August 13, 2010

Becoming Waldorf: Our Nature Table

You may have noticed to the left over there that I am now teaching Kindergarten. Quite a jump from the fifth grade that I am used to, especially since this Kindergarten is in a Waldorf-inspired school. This is just one bonus of my new job, as Waldorf education has always resonated with me. Other bonuses include the school being a short five-minute drive away, Little Miss will be attending school there next year, the school's foundation is helping me to obtain my Masters in Waldorf Education.... the list keeps going on. THIS is the silver lining of the lay-off cloud! Something better was waiting around the corner. I am so grateful.

One of the features of the Waldorf Kindergarten is a nature table. This is a place to bring nature indoors and reflect what is happening outdoors. I like this idea so much that I have created a nature table in my home as well. Here is a picture of my first attempt a few weeks ago:

Not too bad. Uncluttered. Lavender wand (Want to learn how to make one? I bet I could tutorial that... Let me know). Beeswax candle (YUM). Seasonal flowers. A dry felted bee (Yes, that black blob is a bee. We have big, black bees swarming our passion vine all summer.). Some sycamore bark that I found on the ground. I am excited to keep this evolving as the seasons slowly change. I hope to one day get (make?) a postcard holder, as there are some beautiful postcards with seasonal images at the local Waldorf college bookstore.

So, in preparing for this job, I have been (and will continue to be) reading a lot of books written by Waldorf educators, talking to a lot of Waldorf teachers, and I have found some really neat "waldorfian" blogs. The first addition I have found to add to the nature table next summer is a strawberry, inspired by The Wonder Years. Bonus: Little Miss will be able to make some of her own to play with. Keeping our eyes open for small pinecones...

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  1. Congratulations. They are so inspired by nature, I love that.