Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Aid Bag... Sew What?!!

My brother-in-law is going on a cross-country adventure in a couple of weeks--he will be visiting every state before he crosses back in to California (we may never see him again!... at the very least, it will be quite a while if he follows through with his grand plan). When I saw this past week's Sew What Challenge, I knew immediately that I needed to make a bag for him to take on his journey. If I were going on a journey like this, alone, in my car, you can bet I would have a first aid kit of oils with me.

So, I made him a First Aid bag, with a piece of elastic inside to snugly hold a few essential oils:
Peppermint for tummy troubles...
Purification for insect bites and battles...
Panaway for muscle relief after driving for hours...
Lavender for just about everything else.


  1. Neat!! Since he's a should toss in a few SpongeBob bandaids,too.

    What a thoughtful idea!

  2. Hah! For Jeff - I think you should go MARVEL band aids...but definitely add some!

  3. Love this! On both the sewing and essential oil levels! I wish I had seen this earlier I just posted a reader showcase. But I'll be doing another this week with more submissions.
    Thanks for sewing along! I cannot wait to see your challenge number three project!

  4. Perfect! It is compact, so it won't fill up the van--well, more than it already is. What a lucky guy Jeff is to have you as a sister-in-law!