Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Cleaning Week: Organizing Your Way

A friend of Simple Mom has written today's article. She says that there is no right way to organize. I kind of wish there was, because I am still (mostly unsuccessfuly, thus far) trying to find "my" way! The article gives ideas for different methods people use to organize certain areas in their home:
  • Closets and Wardrobes
  • Kitchen (I like her idea of having zones.)
  • Books (I have my books grouped by general subjects: gardening, herbal medicine, medical reference, crafting, etc.)
  • Paperwork (I will be reading the links contained in this section of the article much more thoroughly when I have more time!)
One part of the article really made me think: "take some time to really think through your family’s needs and come up with a system that works best for you". It was at this point that I realized, all the organizing I've attempted has really only been for myself. I've been organizing with myself in mind and expecting my family to just conform to what I decided was best... How rude of me! Maybe this is why so many of my methods have failed.... Huh. Now, I have more to ponder before I move forward with this.

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