Monday, November 23, 2009

Let's Get Ready for Christmas: Part One, Hats

I'm not going to say who these gifts are for, because some recipients read my blog. So, if you are expecting a Christmas gift from me, I am hoping you love this and future Christmas post items, because one of them may be for you! On to the gift... My favorite, easiest, hat pattern.

This hat has a rolled brim and is knit on circular needles, which is one of my favorite things to do--so easy, just knit, knit, knit... I got the pattern for free when I made my very first yarn purchase at Rumplestiltskin, on a long lunch break with my old colleagues several years ago (my how time flies). The yarn I bought then was a thickish wool. The yarn I used for these was... not. They are a bit stretchier than I would like for them to be. The fuzziness on the first hat may be a bit too much for its intended recipient, so if I have time when all my other gifts are made I will probably choose different yarns and make a different one. We'll see!


  1. Only 31 days left for Christmas. It's time to prepare for it. As early as now I am starting to make a list of the persons I am going to give Christmas gifts.

  2. I like blue....I am partial to the bottom one (just in case). Know what I am getting you?? Blush and lip gloss...would it kill you Tave?