Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Once was enough.
Hoping now that twice is all that is in the stars.

This does not yet seem real.
Because your body is still with me.

Still, we have cried for you.
Sad to not be a father again.
Sad to not be a sister.
Sad to no longer carry you.
Sad that you will not be joining our family here.

After years of pause, I feel the need to paint.
But, the only image that comes to mind is red and empty.

People say they are sorry.
I reply, so are we.

We were ready.
We were excited.
We are in shock.

We understand that it wasn't your time to be here on this Earth.
This is what was meant to be.

"Don't cry, Mom. The baby will come back in the Spring when there are no more cold days."

Your sister's words help me smile and bring me


  1. Now Auntie Tessa is crying. Today, Willie wanted to buy you a baby at TARGET. I wish it was that easy...I'd buy you one in every color.

  2. I'm so sorry.
    Angela P.

  3. Oh, now i'm crying too...I guess there are no words that could write to make you feel better. My thoughts are with you.

  4. Hey Tave - just been finally able to catch up with everyone's blogs - forgot you had this one too. So sorry for your loss...