Sunday, September 27, 2009

I used to have a lawn, but now I have (the start of) an herb garden.

My vision of this garden is much grander than what I have accomplished thus far. Little by little, I am experimenting with herbs and filling the dry dirt spaces.

I plan to add a walkway, using a quickrete mold, down the middle that will venture off to both the left and the right, leading to different garden features. I will likely fill the spaces between the walkway stones with some kind of thyme. Do you think the dog will use the walkway and stop running through my plants?... Probably just wishful thinking, but we'll see. Speaking of the dog, here's a little "Where's Waldo"-type fun for you. Can you find her in the picture below...?

I love the type of "weeping" lavender that I planted here a few years ago (wish I could remember what it's called). Found it at the farmer's market from a grower in Lincoln. I may try to track him down again and get another plant or two--can't have too much lavender, I don't think. I will likely add another bee balm and yarrow as well. Perhaps find a spot for a pineapple sage...

Feverfew got entirely out of control and I pulled so much out this year. I'm not sure if I'll keep it in or pull it out. There's an herb plant guy at the farmer's market, from Placerville, who is very knowledgable about what to grow where. I think I need to head over and talk to him again. Last time, we were discussing the beauty of comfrey and the hugeness of comfrey... I am still undecided on that one. Sounds like a really fun plant though.


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  1. The plants you are using in your garden are some of my favorites, beautiful, fragrant, and great pollinator plants. It sounds like you have experimental approach to gardening that most passionate gardeners share.

    You mentioned Placerville, so I assume you're in Northern California. If you ever feel like a little roadtrip, you can't go wrong visiting Morningsun Farms in Vacaville. They have an amazing herb collection, plus one of the most knowledgable staff around - and they do mail order!

    Thanks for linking to the Lawn Reform contest. It has been such a joy for me to see all the wonderful,creative things people are doing with their gardens instead of plain old, boring lawn.

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