Sunday, May 31, 2009

Make Shopping Bags and Give Them Away

I don't have time to add this to my plate right now, but I sure would like to someday. What a great way to practice a random act of kindness for a stranger and for the Earth! Here are the details:

Let’s do something positive to reduce the hideous number of plastic bags being used - 1 million are consumed per minute globally - of which hundreds of thousands end up in the oceans.

The idea is to get together with people in your local community, drink wine and make reusable cloth bags (from old duvet covers, curtains from charity shops etc) and hand them out to the unsuspecting public for free on specified dates outside different supermarkets.

Meet new people, do something marvellous for the planet and beat other pods (groups) of baggers with your morsbag tally.

Go to to be a part of a wonderful thing!

Let me know if you start a pod, and perhaps I can join you.

Ooh, this would be a fun thing to get my students involved in. I wonder how I could facilitate that in class without sewing machines.... Remember, I am working with 30 ten-year-olds. Any ideas?


  1. You can sew, they can decorate. Any parents who would sew?? Or, they can bring in old sheets, etc...

  2. What fun to have a little girl to do this with!