Friday, April 10, 2009

Black-eyed Peas & Collard Greens

Y'all prepare yourselves. A little of my southern heritage is about to come out...
Black-eyed peas are another easy-to-cook meal, especially when you use a crock pot (I got the crock pot idea from Jeff Foxworthy and his daddy in The Foxworthy Down-Home Cookbook: No Arugula, No Pate...No Problem!)! The beans do not need to be soaked ahead of time, which is great since I usually come up with dinner plans the day of the meal. You do need to have a few hours though, so this is something I make on my days off. Here's how you do it:

Get out your crock-pot.
Put in a chopped up onion (or, minced if you have to), clove of garlic, and about a pound of black-eyed peas (washed and sorted). Pour in enough broth to cover the peas by about an inch (if you don't have that much broth, just add water until you have enough liquid) and sprinkle with some pepper (I generally don't cook with salt, but this is where you would add it if you do).
I had a leftover ham bone today, so I threw that on top. In the past, I have used a couple slices of bacon for flavor, or no meat at all if that is your preference!
Turn the pot on "high" and leave it alone for about 4 hours...

Next, I wash and slice my collard greens into about 1/2 inch strips. Don't use the tough stems. Just throw all of these on top, cover the pot back up, and turn it to "low". Get your cornbread started now, too.

Your dinner should be ready in about half of an hour, when the cornbread is done and the greens are no longer bright in color.


  1. Oooh this looks great! Kenny and I bought a crock pot not too long ago but we've only used it twice. We might have to break it out again for this recipe!

    Did you grow up in the south?

  2. My crock pot is a lifesaver on days that I am working. Let me know if you try the recipe, certainly if you make any tasty modifications!

    I did not grow up in the south, but my maternal grandparents were born and raised in Georgia. I get a bit of a twang in my voice after I've been hanging out with them for a while... and they've always made sure I was well fed with their home-grown cooking!