Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My name is Tavia. I am wife to Jason, mother to Anastasia, and teacher to 27 fifth graders.

My "down" time generally occurs when husband and daughter are both asleep but, now that my baby is three years old(!), I am finding more time during the day to pursue things that inspire me.

My passions include: cooking healthy and tasty meals for my family when I have enough time to experiment with the vegetables that arrive in my organic fruit and veggie box from Farm Fresh To You, knitting and other artistic endeavors, learning about and sharing essential oils and the other gifts of Mother Nature, and an endless quest to be organized (baby steps). My goal is to use this blog to share my inspiration and these passions with you.

Take good care,

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  1. You ought to check out and maybe talk to my friend/co-worker Stacey, who has a VERY similar blog about her gardening, cooking, canning, and outdoor activity lifestyle.


    Tell her I sent you ;)