Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Mother's Day Gift

My little lovely made me a gift at school in the same fashion I tried this craft last year. It was supposed to be a scarf, but when the "scarves" arrived to her teacher, they were much smaller than anticipated (hankie size). Still, my neck is small enough that I managed to wear the gift as intended and please my little girl (though, she did give me permission to "blow my snot in it and stick it in my pocket").

I also wanted to show you one of the first cherries that has come off the tree we planted last year--yum! Not enough to do more than munching this year, but I'm hoping to have some cherry canning on my "to do" list next summer. Pitting them doesn't sound too fun though...

Back to the topic of scarves for a moment, I gave one away last year during Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day. It's coming up again, really soon, and I am wishing to join in the fun again. What to give away? Any suggestions, based on what I've made in the past?... Requests?... Hopefully, this week won't whisk me away and I forget the Friday deadline. Let's see...

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