Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project: Simplify -- Week One -- Wardrobe and Closet

Don't you? I am always looking around and thinking How did we end up with so much crap stuff?... So, I was thrilled to find a declutter-a-long has just begun with one of my favorite blogs: Simple Mom.

Would you like to play along? Click on the picture above to go to the page that shows what we'll tackle each week. You really have to just commit to this, because you don't know what area will be tackled each week until the week arrives and the area is revealed... ooh... mysterious... I may or may not like that. We'll see.

Since this week has already begun, and the Hot Spot has been revealed, I can tell you that it is your wardrobe and closet. How funny that I actually just completed this task for Anastasia and I after being inspired to simplify. One family member's wardrobe is still in need of decluttering.... hee, hee, hee.... By the end of this week, Jason will either be pleasantly surprised, or digging through the "donate" boxes, looking for a shirt that is older than our relationship. If we're placing bets, my money is on the latter. But, I'm going to cross my fingers and hope for the best. I've actually been meaning to make him a memory quilt out of old (seriously, some of these shirts are literally hanging on by a thread) t-shirts of his. This is beginning to sound like the kick in the patutie that I needed to finally get that started.

Stay tuned for before and after photos!

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