Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Project: Simplify -- Week Four -- Pantry and Refrigerator

This one will be a bit easier to handle, as I've already been purging a bit every day for the last few weeks. My offspring and I are on a "Candida Diet" (well, I am more strictly than she is, but she's doing an awesome job!), which means no sugar (of any kind at this beginning point, we'll be able to add back honey and other unrefined sweeteners later) or yeast. Do you know how hard that is? There is sugar in EVERYTHING!!! This is seriously harder than I thought. I'm not having the sugar cravings like I did at first (we didn't eat a lot of sweets before, so the cravings really didn't last long at all), but nearly every food that I didn't make from scratch has sugar listed in the ingredients. Yeast is a little bit easier to predict (think: breads), but it sneaks in the ingredient list more often than I anticipated, as well.

The point of me sharing this, is that I very recently removed a lot of things from our freezers and pantry. We look temptation in the face in my own kitchen? I do the cooking around here, so it's really not a problem to suit the cupboards to fit my needs. I have moved most items that we cannot eat right now, either out of the house entirely (garbage) or onto an inconvenient shelf.

I have found some lovely quick bread recipes and even ventured into making my own sourdough starter! I omitted the cup of brown sugar the aussie bites recipe called for, but did keep in the 1/2 cup of honey. I figured that would be dispersed enough between the 5 dozen bites we made. Plus, it was our turn to make them for the kindergarten homeschool group and I didn't want to force them all onto our diet. I thought they were delicious--just a touch of sweetness, plus oats, sunflower seeds, flax, dried figs (natural sugar), wolfberries (more natural sugar),... YUM!

So, I have until the end of the week to finish my organizing of this project. I will post pictures later, maybe even on time! But, I do have class all weekend, so... maybe not.

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