Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Overwhelmed, but inspired to get the crap out of my house.

I like things to be organized. I get a great sense of accomplishment in labeling drawers and cabinets and having things put away. The problem is.... I'm not very good at it. Or, maybe I'm just not very motivated to get started. Or, maybe I'm just a really excellent piler, in that I have piles of things in the rooms of my home that I frequent--pile of clean clothes that is always on the end of my bed needing to be put away, but doesn't get put away until there are more clean clothes that won't fit on the end of the bed; the piles of paper (mail, things that need to be recycled, artwork from A's school, recipes that were made or need to be made) on the kitchen counter; piles of stuff that I am "working on" in the tv/computer room, which are often related to my job (presently, this consists of lesson plans from my old job that need to be filed or tossed and Waldorfy books that need to be read and songs that need to be learned for my new job) or the various sewing projects that I have going at the same time; not to be outdone by the giant mess in my craft room that contains all the contents of my old classroom, craft supplies that I "had" to have but have no where to live, fabric that is waiting to be sewn, articles of clothing that are waiting to be refashioned, seeds that need to be planted, a cat that is trying to find a place to sleep and eat amidst all of this...

That was embarrasing. But, now I am accountable to you because I am telling you that I am joining V & Co. and getting the crap out of my house.
Whew! I feel better just writing that down.

Stay tuned people. This is going to be big!


  1. I know what you mean!!! I love the idea of blogging about it as I think it does help us to get motivated. Just think how good it will feel to have it organized.

    I received the red fabrics and I have already used two of them in making a journal cover for one of my granddaughters. Thank you so much!

  2. I also know what you mean,. Everywhere are clothes in my sleeping room, clean clothes but also clothes that I wore once and are not ready ro be washed. .....