Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby (Doll) Sling... Sew What?!!

I have to tell you, these Sew What?!! challenges are really getting my creative juices flowing..... Unforunately, I am in class for the next three weeks and do not have the time, at the moment, to see all (any) of these ideas to fruition. I have a list going... But, I did manage to get one more thing done tonight for the final Sew What?!! challenge: Carry It. In other words, make something to carry something else. I have a couple of things I probably should have made, but I wanted to make something fun for my little one to carry her little one.

A baby doll sling.
Modeled after my own baby sling (I think it's called a Maya Wrap?), which I was shown how to make four+ years ago (I wanted to share a picture of me using it four years ago, but I think those pictures got wiped when the computer freaked out some time ago. I'll keep looking...). So, I don't have a pattern, I had to just look at my sling and copy it on a smaller scale. Since this isn't going to carry a real baby, I'm not worried about any minor imperfections. It seems to be serving it's purpose just fine.


  1. How adorable is that?! I love the nurturing side of little girls.

  2. I'm going to need to order one of those, so I can look less suspect when I need to run in the mall quickly, and use the new mother parking. I know, I know...straight to Hell...I even yelled at someone for parking there illegitimately when I was preggers.