Friday, May 14, 2010

Today is a BIG day

The tonsils are coming out as we speak. If you're new to this conversation, I'm not talking about my own tonsils, but those of my four-year-old. After speaking with the pre-op nurses and some of you (THANK YOU for all of your support!!!), I understand that she will probably not want to attempt eating anything today. Still, I want to be prepared for tomorrow and the following days with some homemade comfort food. It needs to be cold and soft, and not citrusy. I plan to try my hand at a pudding recipe by Betty Crocker. I have a variety of popscicles already in the freezer (we'll see how the carrot juice ones go over). Ice cream will be churning this aftenoon...

Do any of you have any soft-food recipes to share? I sure would love to give them a try. Please chime in if you do.

Also, I would like to give my sister a public "thank you" for sending the following books, which have been read nearly non-stop for the last two days. Good stuff.


  1. I hope Anastasia is ok and feels better soon!

  2. Hope you both doing well...I was thinking about you today!

  3. Applesauce is always a great treat!