Friday, May 7, 2010

Silence is Golden

Anastasia's tonsil surgery is scheduled for next Friday.

She has had a cough since Sunday. Hmm.... I've been thinking all week:  Please go away, cough. I don't think we can have the surgery if you stick around. We are all very tired from Ana waking up every night from this tonsil thing and want to just get this surgery over with. Please go away, cough!

I came home right before bed time tonight (I will save you from the details of the public school drama that kept me in my classroom so late, but it had to do with suspensions, possible expulsion, punching, fake weapons that look real, preparing the room for Open House... Good, fun stuff.) to the sounds of teeth-brushing through a stuffy nose. Anastasia said she was feeling sick because of "all the junk" in her throat--she has a lot of drainage and, now, a stuffy nose. After she went to bed, she coughed, and coughed, and coughed... I thought, oh, dear. This is going to be a long night, and the cough that is supposed to be going away sounds worse! I'm amazed she was actually sleeping through the continuous coughing.

Not sure exactly what I should/could do to try and comfort her (not to mention, allow myself some quiet so I can sleep), I grabbed my bottle of RC (an essential oil blend that includes three species of eucalyptus, pine, marjoram, lavender, peppermint, and other theraputic grade essential oils) and sprinkled just two drops next to her pillow, just below her nose.

The coughing stopped. Her nose is clear enough that I am not hearing her breath while sitting in the room across the hall. She hasn't coughed in the two hours since I dripped the R.C... Ah, the quiet time I've been waiting all day for. Wahoo!

Speaking of essential oils... Check out my giveaway for a bottle of lavender or peppermint!

Wishing all of you a quiet night. Take good care.

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  1. Oh poor baby! Poor Mama!

    Don't fret about the cough...unless A. is running a horrendous fever and tests postive for the flu or something else, the tonsillectomy will proceed.

    I know you're nervous, heck, I'm feeling twinges for you, and I've been through this a couple times already!

    Isn't it just astonishing sometimes how well eucalyptus/mint combos work to stop a cough?

    The whole school situation sounds horrible. I hope the coming week is better for you!