Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Cleaning Week: Decluttering

With receiving a layoff notice and another major life event that I have not mentioned here, I am in the mood for some change that I have control over. I have been rearranging furniture a bit and contemplating chopping off my hair... J would have an absolute fit if I followed through with the latter, so I have not committed to that quite yet. Still, it may happen when the weather warms up permanently. I am ready to embrace some positive change!

So, I stumbled upon this and thought, the timing is perfect:
Today, the focus is decluttering.... the story of my life! The author of the Simple Mom blog defines decluttering as "getting rid of anything that's not useful or beautiful".
I like that.
I could use some more of that.
I will do that and get back to you tonight (I hope.... please don't hold me to that) to let you know how it went.

10:15pm -- After reading the Simple Mom article for today, I managed to prepare 2 big black garbage bags for the donation pick up truck that is scheduled to drive through our nrighborhood tomorrow.... Yay for me! If I can do that in one afternoon (in only one room... yikes), then I know I can purge a lot more throughout the house. Sadly, I still have a lot more to do in my craft/dump-everything-I-don't-have-an-immediate-plan-for room, which is where today's bags were created.

Of all of Simple Mom's "decluttering roadblocks", the very first one resonated with me most: I have a hard time getting rid of things because I feel like I might need them at some later date and won't have them anymore. The problem with that is, because I hold on to so much stuff, I often can't find the things that I know I have somewhere when the time comes to use it!

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