Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wear a skirt when it's cold.

Anastasia has been requesting to wear skirts lately, but it's much too cold to not have her legs covered and I don't want her to have to deal with pulling tights up and down by herself at school. So... I was thrilled to run across The Sewing Dork's tutorial for how to make yoga pants.

My version--regular old leggings--did not turn out so great the first time (they are a little more like "skinny jeans" than I was going for, and the waist elastic is too big... what happened?!!), but that hasn't stopped Anastasia from wanting to wear these pants all the time. Thankfully, she has given in to wearing a long shirt--or this dress that is still in need of a bit more embellishing--over the mishap of a waistband.

I am not giving up! I will try, try again because this was way too cheap (green men's shirt at thrift store for $0.50) and easy.

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