Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow Day in Sac Town!

Okay, it is nothing near an actual "snow day", but it's as close as we get around here. This is what I always prayed for as a kid, but never woke up early enough to see the snow before it melted. I am so pleased that my kid got to see the snow this morning in the form of a snowball made by her daddy on his way to work.

There was even still a little bit left on the ground at 10:00 this morning... how exciting!

It is awfully chilly today. A great day to stay inside, be thankful for the heater, and knit. I will definitely be making a dent in the remaining Christmas gifts today.


  1. Aww that was so sweet of Jason to do for her!!! I remember (in 1986 I think) when we got "snow" and our swimming pool got a layer of ice (we played table hockey on it)....good times--now bring the sunshine back!