Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pay It Forward: The procrastinator finishes early!

Not a lot early, mind you, but it still counts. They've actually been finished for a while, I was just having a hard time getting myself to the post office. Now that they are en route, I will go ahead and share what I made.

First, I must share the absolutely detail-oriented apron I received in the mail a couple of weeks ago from Angela Pea. It is gorgeous, yes? Perfect colors for an autumn-born girl. I absolutely love it. Thank you, Angela Pea!!!

Next, I started with a gift for the youngest person to join my Pay It Forward post. I remember loving to dress-up when I was a young girl, so I thought this knit choker would be fun for her. Anastasia insisted it have a yellow button, so... there ya go.

Finally, I made little drawer sachets for my other two giftees.
This pattern was from another that I found in my pattern binder and hadn't used yet. I filled them with fresh lavender from my garden, enhanced with essential oil.

I wanted to wrap the gifts in something pretty, so I utilized these silks that I dyed last month.

I did enjoy making these and hope to stumble across this challenge again next year. It sure was fun to be part of something with such heartfelt intent.

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  1. Beautiful way to wrap your lavender! They look straight out of a magazine.