Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Preschool Gear

Here is the rag blanket I made for my little girl to use during naptime at school. We're both pleased with how it turned out. Plus, I discovered that there is a quilting foot that came with my sewing machine and it is not difficult to applique with it.... Hooray!
Isn't she precious when she's pretending to sleep?... I tried to get that to last a few more minutes this afternoon, but it didn't work... And, yes, we are Bears fans around here. No, we're not from Chicago.


  1. Neat! Neat! Neat! I love rag blankets and quilts! they are just so spiffy, all shaggy on the edges.

    Of course, A is just adorable, pretending to sleep!

    Angela Pea

  2. Great rag quilts! Love the Bears...I am from Chicago!