Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Do You Have an Elderberry Recipe?

My elderberry tree has never flowered in the four years it has been in the ground, let alone produced masses of beautiful berries! What's a girl to make with these? I have no recipies in any of my cookbooks. I didn't find anything on my favorite food blogs. I am thinking pie, for lack of any more creative ideas, though I did see something about making a tincture... I would love to can some jelly, but don't think I have enough berries (only one bunch right now, though two more will be ready shortly). Hmm... Any ideas?

Also, there are still two spaces available in my Pay It Forward giveaway. Don't have a blog to post it on? You can always put it on Facebook or Twitter or whatever else might work. Leave a comment on the original post if you'd like to participate. I would love to have a couple more people involved.


  1. Careful with elderberries! They can be consumed, but only when ripe and only if they are cooked. Stems, leaves and roots contain higher concentrations of a cyanide like substance...DON'T eat those!

    That said...I remember my mom using them in muffins, like blueberries. We also used the berries to make ink and to dye fabric.

  2. Emeril has a yummy looking recipe on Food Network. I don't know what kind of people randomly have venison on hand...maybe pork chops will work??

    Seared Venison Chops with Elderberry Reduction, Garlic Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes, and Sauteed Baby Spinach