Monday, July 6, 2009

Wool Soakers

**Updated 9/2/09--I just came across this tutorial by Confessions of a Sewing Dork, and I really love it. It is simple and the way she sews the crotch seams together is pure genious.**

These can be just warm additions to PJs, or helpful additions for those who are not quite able to hold their bladders all night--the reason I attempted to create soakers in the first place.

When I made these pants, Anastasia still had the very occasional night-time accident, but I really didn't want to put her in pull-up diapers anymore. You would think that I would be a cloth-diapering mom, but convenience won me over with this one. Perhaps for baby #2... who still needs funding, so family members should not get their hopes up when reading this. Anyhow, I can go the cloth route now. Pull-up diapers are not necessary and, really, when it was time to "train" Anastasia, they were a crutch. Switching over to cloth underwear was what helped her to take those final steps. Now, let's move away from this tangent and on to how to make soakers:

Soakers are used to keep baby dry when wearing cloth diapers or toddler dry when wearing underwear at night. They are made of wool, because of its natural moisture-wicking capability, which helps to prevent rashes and wet mattresses. Nice.

I found a few tutorials that were helpful to me in my first attempts at this "craft":
Wool "Butt Sweater"
3 Outta 1 Wool Covers
Baby Bum Sweater

My sewing machine did not appreciate my use of cheap thread, so I invested in some Gutterman. Really, that is the biggest cost involved in making soakers. The only other cost is a wool sweater that you find at a thrift store for a dollar or two. Isn't that great! Economical, cosy, and wonderful. Anastasia proudly wears the soakers that mama made for her, her bed stays a little dryer and she stays a little warmer because of them. It's a win-win.

One wool sweater will make two soaker shorts and one pair of soaker pants. Anastasia is a tall girl, so soaker pants are more like soaker capris... But, that's okay because they still serve their purpose. Plus, they make nice pjs when it is no longer footed-pajama season.

I am struggling with the sizing for these... Making them for Anastasia is easy, because she's right here. I attempted to make a couple for my friend's baby shower, but had no clue how to size them. I have forgotten how small babies are. It just doesn't seem possible that their waists are that small. I ended up using the Baby Bum Sweater sizing to make this baby shower gift. My friend's baby was a big boy, so I'm not sure if the covers fit or not!


  1. So was cheap thread the sewing machine problem?? Mine is having the same issues as I sew WIllie's bedding...

  2. Thanks for the other links... it's always great to see how people put these things together.