Sunday, June 28, 2009

Super Hero

I had Anastasia try on this cape after I finished making it for her friend's birthday gift. How was I to know it would instantly turn her into a flying super hero?!... It was magical to watch her imagination at work, until her "wings broke" and she was too tired to fly anymore. Still, I realized that the next cape I make will be for her, because it looked like she was having a ball entertaining herself! I know one side will be Captain America, but am not sure what the other side will be... A princess seems so cliche... She did request green and brown felt for me to use to make a tree, so maybe I'll try for Captain Planet!

I made the reversible cape with the help of the tutorial at Puking Pastilles. I used red fabric that I got from my grandmother when I helped her clean out her sewing room cabinets, a blue fitted sheet that I found at a thrift store, felt that has been sitting in a drawer since the beginning of time (as far as I can tell), and one new piece of red felt (only because the piece I've had since the beginning of time wasn't big enough for both appliques). I made my own pattern for the applique of Captain America's shield. Yes, for those of you in the know, I am aware that Captain America does not wear a cape (I don't think Captain Planet does either). Just pretend that you are three years old, and you want to pretend you are him... If anyone is interested in the pattern I made for the shield, let me know and I'll figure out how to get it up here for you to print.

I used the cape itself as gift wrap for the other super hero themed items we found for her friend. Anastasia owns two of the Spiderman & Friends books we found, and really enjoys them.


  1. Careful with that! At age four, I dislocated a shoulder in my Wonder Woman underroos (a little too much imagination)! ;-)

  2. What an awesome birthday gift. I always make things that aren't exact (like Captain America wearing a cape), but if it's cute, who cares? And, this is really cute.