Friday, June 12, 2009

"New" Compost Bin

This weekend, J constructed the compost bin I've had in my mind since we moved four years ago. Now, this may not look like the most beautiful compost bin I could've imagined, but we didn't have to buy any materials for it! This is also why the sides are not as tall as they will eventually be (when we run into more wood scraps) and there is no front yet. The front will be "stackable", in that I will be able to add and remove planks as the height of the compost itself warrants the need for another plank to be added (or removed). This will be a more beneficial feature when the second bin is added to the right side. Second bin...?...

I have plans for a second bin that will be attached to the right of this bin, for turning compost. Maybe in another four years... ;-)

You may have noticed the lovely new cyclone fence to the left of the bin. Yeah... Well, the old one was falling down and our neighbor said he would pay for this... So, now we have a cyclone fence on one side of our house. The good news is that in the winter I won't even know it is there, until I take out a bag of compost. For now, I see it outside my bathroom window, which means I am looking into my neighbors backyard through my bathroom window. So, I am thinking of plants to put there to mostly shield his yard (lovely as it is) and bring back a small sense of privacy. I noticed the other day that Windmill Nursery has a pretty decent selection of native plants. While there, I investigated Chaparral Bush Mallow, a California native, as an option for hiding the new fence. It is an evergreen that is supposed to get to nine feet high and six feet wide... Sounds good to me! Do you have any ideas?


  1. There is a chaparral bushmallow in front of the cottage we are renting, and it is at 6-8 and very nice! Maybe some pitcher sage if you are going for chaparral type plants, but it doesn't get as tall... Elderberry? But it becomes more of a tree eventually...

  2. More importantly, your neighbors are in their backyard looking in your bathroom!