Monday, May 4, 2009

Wardrobe Refashion: Shorts for a Girl's Birthday Gift

We attended my cousin's daughter's birthday party in April. Aside from needing to make Anastasia's party dress, I also wanted to make something for the birthday girl. I came up with a pair of refashioned shorts.

I don't like how companies make hoochie-mama shorts for little girls... It's just not right! So, I took a pair of shorts that no longer fit Anastasia and lengthened them a bit with some scraps of fabric I had in my cabinet in a ruffle-style with a bit of gathering. I simply measured the leg hole of the shorts and cut two strips of fabric one and a half times that length, with 1.5" of width. After pinking the edges, I zig-zagged along the bottom. I stitched the ends together, pinned in place so that about an inch of fabric showed on the right side of the shorts, and sewed fabric on. I had just a few strips of fabric left, so I thought it would be cute to pink the edges and then tie them on to some loops that were above the pockets.

Here are the shorts before:

And here they are after the refashion:

If I wore shorts, I would wear these (they would have to be much longer!). I will have to see what Anastasia has that does fit her, and refashion some for her to wear this summer. They're just cute!

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